Kamis, 05 Desember 2013

This Dog Has The Best Miley Cyrus Face Ever

This Dog Has The Best Miley Cyrus Face Ever

15 Dogs Who Don’t Give A Damn About Your Rules

19 Cats Who Are Seriously Lacking Social Skills

Yes, your cat is ignoring you

Blind puppy and his loyal brother adopted

The 47 Absolute Greatest Dog GIFs Of 2013

Dog eats more than just homework

Meet mischievous Milo - this seven-week-old puppy was rescued by 10 firefighters after getting trapped in a sofa!

A Luxury Hotel For Cats Has Opened In Yorkshire

Dog survived 55-mile journey wedged in car grille

The 40 Most Awkward Dogs Of 2013

How to bring a new dog into your home

All This Dog Ever Wanted in Life Was Just to Play Field Hockey

Beavis The Kitten Is Fighting The War On Christmas

Dog saved from South African 'Big Hole'

Why do cats love boxes so much?

York cat returned to owners after video of theft goes viral

21 Cats Who Must Be Training For Something Sneaky

Woof-operated washing machine will help people with disabilities

Breeders create dog that keeps its puppy face

Vintage Photos Reveal Century-Long Obession with Dressing Up Pets

York dog looks just like Adolf Hitler

19 Vintage Dogs Who Just Didn’t Want To Be Photographed

Farewell, my friend: Heart-breaking pictures capture terminally ill pets in one final embrace with their loving owners before they die

17 Pictures Of Instagram’s Goofiest Best Friends

Who is the fanciest of them all? Cats compete at ‘The Supreme Show’

It's the weekend

39 Cats That Look Like Ricky Gervais

'Don’t feed dogs foie gras at Christmas,' warn vets

Hilarious pictures of cats hanging out in the most random of places

9 Stages Of Browsing The Internet With A Cat

Dog Needs Surgery After Eating Girl’s ‘Volcanic’ Homework

The Exploding Anti-Tank Dogs of World War II

9 Dogs Who’ve Just Come Out Of The Bath

Dogs Watching The National Dog Show Is The Best Part Of Thanksgiving

Boy in coma can keep loyal best friend - Update

Dogs age with dignity in photographer's work

Neighbourhood watch

5 ways to cat-proof your Christmas tree

Ruby The Dog Is Animal Weight Loss Champion Of The Year After Losing A Third Of Her Bodyweight

This Dog Will Put Your Dance Moves to Shame

2-legged boxer is a dog that inspires

‘World’s Ugliest Dog’ Dies on Thanksgiving

Puppy Rescued from Storm Drain to Go Up for Adoption

This Video Of Cats Giving High Fives Will Make Everything Better

22 Cats Who Are Too Proud To Admit They Hate Snow

Meet Mrs. Claws: How one woman's quest to save cats became a must-see movie

Man Proposes With 16 Pugs Wearing Heart-Shaped Balloons

18 Times Italian Greyhounds Were Total Fashionistas

Bay of Plenty cat steals shoes in the night

See What Happens When A Shiba Is Introduced To A Cat

How many cats is too many?

This Race Between a Parrot and a Dog Is The Most Important Sporting Event You’ll See All Week

This Dog Is Really Good At Balancing Food On His Head

Filthy Rich Felines: Cats Left $250,000 and a Mansion in Owner’s Will

The Unexpected Way Dogs Are Saving Cheetahs

Real Life Fox And The Hound Best Friends Will Melt Your Heart

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