Minggu, 10 November 2013

How to Fight a Shark

I’ll see your horrifying crab barnacle and raise you a heart eel

New Species of Dolphin Found in Australia

Spiky-Headed Sharks Survived Mass Extinction, Surprising Scientists

Watch This Sneaky Sea Lion Snatch a Monster Fish From a Fisherman’s Hands

How to Fight a Shark: Punch It in the Eye

Sea lion species removed from endangered species list

Humpback whale Norfolk coast recording 'a first'

Young parrotfish explore, while adults stay at home

Arctic charr released into Llyn Padarn, Llanberis

First venomous crustacean found

'Sea serpent' found in US sparks earthquake myth talk

China Losing Is Taste For Shark Fin Soup

Humpback Whales Are Bottom-Feeders, Study Suggests

Japan's coastal hunts for small cetaceans not sustainable, says report

Beluga whale makes child cry

Florida manatees dying in record numbers, 769 dead in 2013

Endangered monk seal checks out divers

Invasive Asian carp shown to have reproduced in Great Lakes watershed for first time

Check Out This Wicked Smart Mantis Shrimp

True Facts About The CuttleFish

Dolphin superpod spotted off Canadian coast

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