Minggu, 24 November 2013

5 Unexpected Ways Animals Use Their Genitals

5 Unexpected Ways Animals Use Their Genitals

N.J. biologists find injured Rockaway Township deer and remove arrow from its head

The 21 Happiest Otters Ever Are Here To Brighten Your Day

Baby pangolin released into the wild

These Videos Of Humans Rescuing Animals Will Make You Tear Up

The mystery of the species-hopping, three-legged quagga

The deer hunter, finishing nature’s job

6 Animals That Have Terrifying Sex

The Rat Hunters of New York

Lion Hunt Photo Touches Off Heated Conservation Debate

Lion forms close, playful bond with conservationists who rescued her

Hunter-Gatherers Domesticated Dogs From Gray Wolves

17 Cliques Not To Mess With

14 Animals To Fawn Over If You’re In A Cuteness Rut

Town under siege from emus searching for food as drought continues

Tiger Cubs Test Waters

Giant Platypus Found, Shakes Up Evolutionary Tree

17 Absolutely Filthy Animals

Elephants Never Forget: The Touching Legacy of Tamil Nadu Conservationist Mark Davidar

19 Hamsters Who Know Exactly How You Feel About Food

Albino kangaroo: two years old, pale – and very interesting to park rangers

Research shows varying fortunes of all 500 British birds

Orphan Elephants Lack Social Knowledge Key for Survival

The 11 Most Influential Animals of 2013

17 Least Majestic Wolves

9 Reasons The Loon Is The Best Bird

Elk Euthanized after Encounter with Photographer Goes Viral

Penguins in Bow Ties Mingle with Kindergarteners for a Double Dose of Cute

Kangaroo Spotted in Midland County

Western black rhinos: Extinct, but not forgotten

Man quits finance job, makes heart-racing documentary about rescuing animals

This Video Of A Snoring Duck Is Here To Soothe Your Worries

11 Penguins With Attitude Problems

Live big cats and hippo teeth among UK border seizures

Carneddau ponies annual round-up shows population in recovery

'It won't be easy' says the man who wants to bring bears and wolves back to Britain

British scientists discover reindeer eyes change colour from gold to blue over course of the seasons

9 nearly hairless mammals

Goats take a bite out of Tokyo's weed problem

Fruit bats harbour more deadly viruses

Camera attached to a gannet captures bird's eye view

There Is A 20-Centimetre Antelope At Chester Zoo

17 Animals Who Are Sexy And Know It

Family photo found implanted inside rescued chicken

13 photos that will make you want to become a wildlife photographer

'Asian unicorn' caught on camera in Vietnam

Isles of Scilly rat eradication to 'save seabirds' begins

Twin lion cubs born in Gaza

31 Extremely Talented Animals

38 Seconds Of A Tiny Baby Otter Drinking From A Bottle

Whipsnade Zoo welcomes 22 stone baby elephant

How the unflappable albatross can travel 10,000 miles in a single journey

How bacteria help hyenas communicate

10 animals with moustaches

After Life: a photographic perspective on endangered species

Red squirrels under threat from humans and their pets, experts warn

17 Polite Animals That Have Better Manners Than You

A Bear In California Rides Shot Gun In A Lamborghini

Glass deathtrap kills flock of Swedish birds

Culprit in mysterious elk deaths found

How do you teach a tiger how to swim?

Snake smuggler foiled in Shanghai airport

A second wallaby rescued from north London cemetery

The U.K.’s First Ever Koala Joey Just Took Its First Steps

8 Surprisingly Creepy Animals

8 hilarious videos of 'talking' animals

'Cat poop coffee' isn't just weird, it's also cruel

Fishermens' tales: Hampshire angler reports encounter with crocodile

Animal photos of the week

The Surprising Meal Grizzlies Gorge on Before Hibernation

Stop What You’re Doing And Listen To This Ram

8 uncanny animal lookalikes

Promiscuous mice bear sexier smelling sons

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