Senin, 28 Oktober 2013

Ferocious Testicle-Eating Fish Found in Paris’ River Seine

150 Million Years of Fish Evolution in One Handy Figure

What's Killing Bottlenose Dolphins? Experts Discover Cause

Noodle-Armed Deep-sea Squid Mystery Solved

Ancient Fish Downsized But Still Largest Ever

Ferocious Testicle-Eating Fish Found in Paris’ River Seine

Second whale stranded in Firth of Forth is put down

African fish is fastest-maturing vertebrate

Ready, Set, Slaughter: Dolphin Killings to Begin in Infamous Cove

Oh nooeeesssss

This is the secret to discovering a whale's life history

New study reveals why jellyfish are such efficient swimmers

Humpback Whale Crittercam Video Reveals Bottom-Feeding Activity

Ten Thousand Walruses Gather on Island As Sea Ice Shrinks

Run for the hills, the jellyfish are coming!

Surfer survives shark attack near Humboldt Bay

In pictures: Ocean expeditions

The basking shark returns to British waters

Hidden beauty of the portuguese man o' war

The last whale hunters of Norway

Elusive Goblin Shark Has World’s Most Terrifying Jaws

Mysterious hum keeping people up all night ‘could be mating fish’

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