Rabu, 11 September 2013

The ugliest animals on Earth

Even the Deer Are Polite in Japan. (You're Kidding, Right?)

Drunken elk gang flees Stockholm cops

Creatures great and small

Pictures: 5 Animals That Regrow Body Parts

Man finds snake in Starbucks bathroom

The animals mistaken for spies

Stork Held In Egypt On Suspicion Of Spying

Who is strangling the pigeons in historic Cambridge city centre street?

Huge crocodile traps Kiwi kayaker on remote WA island

Cow Tipping: Fake or Really Fake?

The Southern Cassowary - The Most Dangerous Bird on Earth

Amazing Bird Nests From Around the World

Shocking moment Kangaroo tries to drown a dog

Goat on Gresham roof 'respects one man,' and it isn't police officers

The fascinating story of how rats came to be such popular lab animals

Pictures: Jaguar Kills Caiman in "Spectacular" Attack

Wise Old Whooping Cranes Teach Young How to Migrate

National Zoo Panda Birth Spotlights Survival Challenges

Snake Found in Starbucks Toilet

Rare albino hedgehogs in Russia named after royal baby

Police called over runaway biting ferret

Record-breaking 727-pound alligator caught

Tiny frog hears with its mouth

St. Louis Zoo welcomes 9 endangered vipers

How bats and dolphins are genetically similar

Fuzzy baby panda begins to show its true colors

Surprising ally for snow leopards: Buddhist monks

Albertan bitten by rabid bat while stopping fight with cat

16 famous animal conservationists

Pancho the pelican: The hottest bird in Havana

Cheetah cubs get puppy pal at Dallas Zoo

Glasgow University team aims to help develop 'formula milk' for pandas

Mammals harbour 'at least 320,000 new viruses'

Horseshoe Crab Harvests Driving Red Knot 'Moonbirds' to Extinction

Angry moose vandalises Norwegian school

Rock rat rediscovered in central Australia

Giraffe breaks record with birth of 18th calf

The ugliest animals on earth: Blobfish, axolotl and proboscis monkey battle it out to be named least attractive beast

Stunning Aerial Attack: Peregrine Falcon Snatches Hapless Willet

Hunter given chance to ponder his place in the food chain as bears trap him in a tree for hours

Poachers poison watering holes with cyanide, killing 41 African elephants

Lion caught roaming Kuwait streets

The Bizarre Reason Elephant Poachers Are Now Targeting Vultures

Desert Revival: Rare Antelope to Be Reintroduced to the Wild

10 Reasons Chinchillas Are Super Cute

12 Reasons Why Puffins Are The Best Birds On Earth

8 Birds Every New Yorker Should Know About

Feral pig pinches multiple six-packs of beer and runs riot at Pilbara camp sites

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