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OMG, Cats In Space

10 of our favorite cat Vines

21 Dogs Rockin’ White After Labor Day

Dogs Try Selfies To Find A Home

Doctors train dogs to sniff out Ovarian cancer in the hope of building a cheap test to diagnose the 'silent killer'

Reclusive woman's body eaten by her cats at her Ringwood home

Meet the cat burglar! Cheeky feline returns from nightly prowls… with hoard of STOLEN GOODS

Meet The Painfully Cute Police Pups Who Are Coming To Arrest You

The Search For Love, As Told By Cats In Boxes

Obamas' New Pet: 5 Facts About the Portuguese Water Dog

How to create a dog-agility course at home

15 photos that prove cats and dogs can get along

11 Easy Steps To Become An Adorable Puppy

Paws for effect

Dog with head stuck in jar is saved

"Unimpressed Dog" Is The Newest Meme Of Your Dreams

Lil Bub’s 17 Tips For Your First Day Back At School

Doggy blood donors save lives

Dog returns home after months lost in desert

19 Dogs Who Are Already So Over Pumpkin Spice Season

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Who needs a guard dog? Woman's cat helps prevent break-in

Charismatic dogs compete in the European Dog Show

In 1918 Someone Made This Cat A Tiny Flu Mask

Sarah Silverman’s Touching Tribute to Her Dog

Feline mayor survives assassination attempt by local dog

The Only Dog Vine You Will Ever Need To See

29 Vintage Photos of Dogs Being Man's Best Friend

How to organize and store your cats: An impractical guide

One-eyed kitten dies in a blink

20 Signs You’re An Aspirational Dog Owner

Captain Pancakes Is Instagram’s Latest Star

Whiskerslist: Like Craigslist, but for cats

Batman, Captain America rescue cat from burning home

Is this Britain's oldest cat? Cola, 28, was born when Thatcher was in Number 10 and Back to the Future ruled the box office

Kittens rescued from New York subway tracks

In 1947 This Lady Had A Seeing Eye Cat

Kitten finds new home after riding miles under car

Sri Lankan police criticised after holding mass wedding for their sniffer dogs

15 Invaluable Lifehacks Every Dog Should Know

19 Reasons To Adore Yoda The Munchkin Cat

Colonel Meow sets record for longest fur

The Best Cat For Fall Has Been Found

Abused Puppies Get More Sympathy Than Adult Crime Victims

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