Minggu, 04 Agustus 2013

There Is An Eagle That Looks Exactly Like Nicolas Cage

46 Animals Having A Better Summer Than You

How Old Is That Lion? A Guide to Aging Animals

Porcupine on the run in Birmingham recaptured after injuring dog

Wolf howl identification technology excites experts

Adventuresome hedgehog is Instagram star

Giant Panda Cam Launches in China

Isolated Tigers Travel Surprising Lands to Find Mates

New species of super-strong 'Hero Shrew' discovered

Cute animal alert: Penguin chicks get webcam


A tale of compassion about Jack the goat and Charlie the blind horse

Taking care of Toughie, the last of his kind

Animals That Have Found Their Other Half

The joy of trampolines: Animal edition

Animal photos of the week

Once-extinct horse species welcomes new filly

Long-Held Myth About Cheetahs Busted

Adorable Porcupine Eats A Banana, Philosophizes About Life

Honk If You Think Geese Are Good Guard Dogs

The Most Powerful Ads Of The World Wildlife Fund

New Dwarf Lemur Species Found

35 Essential Life Lessons We Can Learn From Animals

Rare zebra-donkey mix born in Florence animal reserve

Water voles live obsessive compulsive lifestyles

Rat Invaders: Islands Fighting Back Against Killer Rodents

'The Ethiopian Wolf': An adventure tale with a heroic goal

The real-life angry bird: Vets seek owner of foul-mouthed parrot who told rescuers to 'bugger off'

Why monogamy evolved in mammals

15 Sloth Facts From Sloths

The Amazing Gecko: 20 Interesting Facts about the World’s Most Species-Rich Lizard

Forest cam captures bears' secret back-scratching party

Swimming cougar caught on film in Canada

Owl Hoots Hush the Song of a Thrush

There Is An Eagle That Looks Exactly Like Nicolas Cage

Chilean zoo welcomes baby pygmy hippo

Game warden rescues baby bear from Azusa dumpster

Flamingo that thinks it's a swan

Giant Panda Cub Celebrates 1st Birthday

How Yellowstone wolves are helping grizzly bears fatten up

18 Breathtaking Photos Of Wild Horses Around The Globe

Here Is a Jaguar Tripping on Yage, the Ayahuasca Vine

Pesticides contaminating frogs in California's national parks

Burn Baby Burn: Indian Government Fights Tiger Poaching With Fire

Wild Chincoteague horses go for a swim

They abandon horses, don’t they?

Stop What You’re Doing And Look At These Baby Stoats. NOW.

Why do some animals have blue tongues?

Slowest Animals in the World

Seagulls turn yobbish after getting drunk on flying ants

This man wrestles alligators for a living

News > Environment > Nature Royal Bengal tiger numbers in Nepal leap to 198

400-pound tiger gets a root canal

Polar Bear's Collar Cam to Reveal Species' Secrets

Baby Zonkey Born in Italy

Early female bonds boost male birds' mating success

64 Smiling Pets Who Make The World Go Around

How to identify UK animals

17 Adorable Animal Piles In Which To Have The Nap Of A Lifetime

Do you think I'm sexy? Why peacock tails are attractive

The Daily Wild: Nature’s Most Incredible Creatures

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