Senin, 26 Agustus 2013

Shark is swallowed whole -- by an even bigger shark

Beware the testicle-biting fish, Swedish men are told after relative of the piranha appears in Nordic waters

Shark is swallowed whole -- by an even bigger shark

Crittercams and Crowdsourcing to Solve Mystery of Hawaiian Monk Seals?

Life in Antarctica Relies on Shrinking Supply of Krill

Why Are Dolphins Dying on East Coast? Experts Alarmed

Dolphins Have Longest Memories in Animal Kingdom

Help Name This Mystery Fish

Rare sea turtles eating plastic at record rate

Meet the shark whisperer: Man hypnotizes shark

Sea Snail Hatches In Little Boy's Knee

How to play with an intelligent octopus

In pictures: Scotland's marine wildlife

Eels to be helped back into Windermere

More than 700 seals counted in Thames Estuary

Baby humpback whale freed from shark nets in Australia

The sunfish also rises in Britain – again

Harpooned killer whale drags down whaling boat, scatters crew

Belugas Behind Bars: Activists Try to Free 18 Captive Whales

The $20 Trillion Reason Why Richard Branson Wants to Save Sharks

How I saved the life of a leatherback sea turtle

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