Minggu, 07 Juli 2013

How Do Whales Hold Their Breath for Such a Long Time?

How Do Whales Hold Their Breath for Such a Long Time?

Death of Dolphin in China Sparks Outrage—and Questions

Best Underwater Pictures: Winners of 2013 Amateur Contest

Close encounters of the whale kind: Dad and daughter paddle up to humpbacks

How the hairy-chested 'Hoff' yeti crab evolved

Shark goes on feeding frenzy in new Applebee's aquarium in Coney Island

Teen takes a ride on a wild shark

10 of the oddest marine animals

Cardigan Bay dolphins 'sent north' by noise

Shark spawning ground found on Mingulay Reef by Edinburgh scientists

Blue jellyfish found in Newquay rock pool

DNA Sheds Light on Rare Killer Whale Type

What it's like to photograph the world's biggest shark

Rare Breed of Killer Whale May Be New Species

Sea butterflies: Extraordinary pteropods in peril

Great white shark attacks kayaker from underneath

First Right whale in 60 years spotted off the coast of Canada

True Facts About The Mantis Shrimp

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