Rabu, 17 Juli 2013

Brazilian man killed in his bed by falling cow

Amazing High Speed X-Ray Videos Reveal How Bats Take Flight

Queensland bird enthusiast presents museum with photos of elusive night parrot

Polar Bears Are The Baddest Bitches In The Animal Kingdom

27 Animal Facts That Will Brighten Your Day

Nature’s Fearless Fighting Machines – Superb Photography

Caught on cam: N.S. woman pulls porcupine quills from raven's face

Baby lemur bounces back after losing his arm

Squirrel eats car video: South Fla. family discovers animal with an appetite for destruction

Brazilian man killed in his bed by falling cow

Nature Blows My Mind! North America's fastest land animal can outrun a cheetah

Micro Pig Taking A Bath In A Bidet

Lonesome George to Be Stuffed, Displayed at NYC Museum

Auckland Has an ‘Angry Birds’ Problem

Duckling rescued after getting stuck in car wash

Behold the Pudu: The World’s Smallest Deer

19-Foot Python Raids Thrift Shop

Bear 'reality' show captures daily life, drama

Nature Studies: In the turmoil of Jerusalem who would have suspected this tiny oasis?

Nature Blows My Mind! This small Bahamas island is full of swimming pigs (but no humans)!

Proud zoo shows off 7 rare white lion cubs

Robin chicks hatch in golf bag

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Beavers But Were Afraid To Ask

Disabled duck gets custom webbed foot

Please sir I want some more

Noisy new bird discovered in bustling capital of Cambodia

Impala seeks refuge from cheetah by leaping into tourists' car

Could the wolf return to western Europe?

Perranporth mail deliveries suspended after gulls attack

The Terrible Truth About Adorable Baby Goats

17 Animals Who Are Experiencing The Perfect Scratch

Hummingbirds' wings 'shape-shift'

Ja├žana – The Big Foot of the Bird World

Cockatoos crack lock-picking puzzle

Australian naturalist catches night parrot on film

Leopard rescued from dry well

Alaska's salmon-swatting bears caught on HD live stream

Spain's endangered Iberian lynx brought back from brink of extinction

How elephants invaded my childrens' school

Wild boar chased by police through streets of Prague

Indian tigers 'killed off with pesticides'

Have you lost this foul-mouthed parrot? Attention-seeking bird found

Animal pictures of the week

Hummingbirds: hovering on the brink of extinction

'Scary' crow annoying residents in Allestree, Derby

Bats' energetic take-off trick revealed by X-ray videos

12 Of The Best Friendships Between Man And Beast

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