Senin, 13 Mei 2013

I was swallowed by a hippo

Dramatic lion cub rescue, Masai Mara

Triple Tragedy: Three Ohio Bucks Found Drowned With Antlers Locked

Experience: I was swallowed by a hippo

12 Animals With Far Better Balance Than Professional Athletes

'Critter cams' capture life from a bear's point of view

Clouded leopards declared extinct in Taiwan

16 Reasons Why Baby Aardvarks Are The Most Conflicting Animals Ever

India panic after bears kill eight in Orissa state

Two-faced: Meet Battenberg, the four week-old lamb whose black and white markings saved his life

Photographing a Dogfight Between Two Eagles

When Wildlife Is Kept Captive: 8 Famous Disasters

14 Animals Demonstrating Why A Mother’s Love Is So Special

Watch a falcon kill a duck in mid-air—from the falcon's perspective

How 7 Obese Animals Lost Weight

15 Woodland Animals Who Are Delighted Summer Has Arrived

16 Exotic Animals You Probably Didn't Know You Could Hunt

Three-legged gator wanders onto course during Zurich Classic

Baby Giraffe Born at L.A. Zoo Makes Her Public Debut

17 Animals That Don't Even Know What Just Happened To Them

18 Extremely Sleepy Animals

Why Animals "Adopt" Others, Including Different Species

Bat's Super-Long Tongue Powered by Blood (With Video)

5 Animal "Commuters": Train-Riding Monkeys, More

Indian villagers rush to the rescue of a baby elephant

Two Baby Sloth Bear Cubs Make Their Debut

Spare tire caught around elk's neck

Rare Picture: Male Leopard Kills, Eats Cub

Goats as ‘Lawn Mowers’ at Chicago Airport

31 Animal Pictures You Cannot Explain

21 Animal Couples That Prove Opposites Attract

Adventurer escapes snake attack in Amazon jungle only to get bitten by adder in Lancashire

Nepal hunts tiger after deadly double attack

So There’s This Horse, and Apparently, It Paints

Help Wanted: Polar Bear Spotter on a Norwegian Island

Lamo the sheep thinks he's a dog

Kansas Woman Discovers Circus Tiger in Bathroom

Poachers kill at least 26 elephants in Central Africa

The otter: return of the elusive movie star

Cold War bunkers offer bats refuge from killer disease

Animal Moms Who Just Need A Break

Prepare To Fall In Love With These Woolly Donkeys

Wildcat camera trap in Sutherland snaps White's thrush

Why hedgehogs are not welcome in the Hebrides

Lancashire kangaroo or wallaby sighting investigated

Mercury exposure linked to dramatic decline in Arctic foxes

The Wackiest Moms of the Animal Kingdom

Why Vultures Devoured Hiker's Body in Minutes

India acts to save Asiatic lion by moving it – but hard work has only just begun

Animal photos of the week

Off the Endangered List and Into the Line of Fire? Grizzly Bears Could Be Targets in 2014

33 Animals You’re Definitely Not The Boss Of

Crow ruffles feathers on golf course

20 Owls That Can’t Get Any Respect

Poachers have now killed all the rhinos in Mozambique

'The Birds' Becomes Reality: Seagulls are Literally Pecking Whales to Death

Giant Swamp Rats Are Literally Eating Louisiana

28 Tiny Animals That I Want To Put In My Pocket

Cannibal Tadpoles Could Reveal Gut Secrets

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