Selasa, 14 Mei 2013

Face-Sized Spiders Discovered in Sri Lanka

Attack of the Giant Snails!

Ants Lead the Way on Earthquake Prediction

Oh, Good: Face-Sized Spiders Discovered in Sri Lanka

What kind of spider is that?

Giant snails invade, coat Florida in slime

Kudzu-eating stinkbug may attack U.S. soybeans

Ants 'use math' to find quickest route

The caterpillar that looks just like property mogul Donald Trump

Footage reveals how insects use their bodies to hover

17-Year Cicadas Are Buzzing In! What to Expect

Tracking the causes of monarch butterfly decline

Royal Mail postmen delivering giant tarantulas and scorpions

Bee Convoy: Shipping Interstate Apiaries

The Innocent-Looking But Deadly Assassin Snail

The Plight of the Honeybee

Nondescript moth boasts ultrasonic ears

Toxic caterpillars to be targeted by helicopter

Roles often reversed in gruesome black widow ritual

Why do fireflies glow?

Cannibal fruit flies: Lab maggots hunt one another

Stink bugs: the scientific battle against an insect invasion

Billions of Cicadas to Emerge Along East Coast

Beekeepers tackle giant beehive

Oops. Dangerous Giant African Snail found in Texas turns out to be Rosy Wolf Snail

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