Rabu, 13 Maret 2013

Cats vs. Your Stuff

New Research Sheds Light On How Dogs Became Dogs

The 13 Most Annoying Questions People Ask Dogs

Dog has lucky escape after getting six-inch stick stuck in his eye

Blind dog gets guide dog

We Didn’t Domesticate Dogs. They Domesticated Us.

Jack Russell saved owner when bed caught fire

Chill canine takes scooter for a joy ride [Photos]

Rescued border collies try their luck at Crufts dog show [Photo]

Veterinarian Adopts Fat Cat Named ‘Skinny’ in Texas

The World’s Most Stylish Dogs Gather at the Crufts Dog Show

Puppy gets head stuck in kitchen sink

So This Is What Cat Armor Looks Like

Why small pups outlive large dog breeds

Kitten born without leg bones to get life-changing operation

9 videos of cats meeting wildlife

Stowaway cat travels 3,400 miles from Egypt to Nottingham - in the luggage hold of a plane

Man reunited with dog a decade later

Disabled dog Wonky learns to walk again after physiotherapy

A Bulldog Puppy Who's Also A Cowboy

Dogs Domesticated As Far Back As 33,000 Years Ago, Siberian Skull DNA Suggests

Labradors are life savers in the canine world as they become record breaking blood donors

Maryland Pit Bull Bill Compromise Falls Apart In General Assembly

Cats vs. Your Stuff (PHOTOS)

43 Vintage Photographs That Prove Cats Are A Girl's Best Friend

Every dog doesn't have its day in W. Virginia

The dog that bit my child is racist - mom

Dog strolls through supermarket on two legs

Cats In Books Featured In 'Puss In Books'

'Couture Dogs Of New York' Features Some Fabulously Dressed Canines

2 years later, family reunited with dog lost in monsoon

Three-legged dog giving disabled boy a new lease on life nominated for Crufts award

23 Fantastic Dog Photos From Crufts, The U.K.'s Kennel Club Dog Show

16 Incredible Transformation Photos Of Shelter Dogs

Adorable disabled dogs looking for a home

Dogs get their own domain at Puppystream

15 Cats Who Are Fascinated By The World

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