Selasa, 19 Maret 2013

10 Most Bizarre Looking Sharks on Earth

Swimmer mauled to death by Great White Shark in front of hundreds of tourists on New Zealand beach as armed police opened fire on the animal at least 20 times

Sharks at risk of extinction from overfishing, say scientists

10 Most Bizarre Looking Sharks on Earth

Woman says pod of dolphins saved her and dog's lives

Sharks Warn Off Predators by Wielding Light Sabers

15,000 ‘Frenzied’ Sharks Stalk South Florida Coast

Great White Sharks Are Now Protected under California Law

Superpowered kissing octopus unveiled for the first time

Keith the seal tried to hitch ride on paddle board on the River Severn

World's most diverse coral reef provides many newfound species

100 million sharks killed each year, study finds

Clownfish wiggles do an anemone good

In pictures: The world's biggest fish

In Pictures: Tracking hammerheads

In Pictures: Monitoring the world's largest manta rays

The whale photographs of Christopher Swann

Why Is SeaWorld Allowing Its Killer Whales to Live in Crumbling Pools?

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